I asked myself at the beginning of the New Year: How will you make the most of 2009? Are you buying into the negative reports regarding the housing market? Will I have a job at the end of the year?

The first answer was No, I needed to step up the why do we all work and start infusing my life with new adventure. I was def. stuck in the middle age rut. The first week of the year I went ziplining. Hadn’t done that in 30 years and it was just as scary and as fun as I’d remembered. This week, I’m trying out for a play. I haven’t acted since High School, but that won’t stop me from trying new things. This after all is a NEW YEAR! Yes, I Can!

That brings me to my job. I love what I do. I am a REALTOR and proud of my profession. I am going to make it to the end of the year as a REALTOR!!
I am trying to look at the glass as half full. We are for sure down in volume sold. Does that mean it is a bad time to buy? Not for first time buyers who can get fantastic rates and a home price they hadn’t seen for years on Maui. Not for someone trading up (they will sell for less), but they will also buy for less.

My point is that it can be a Great, Adventurous, Good time to BUY 2009 and I for my part will do the best job I can to help anyone looking to see if it is the right time for them. Make 2009 your best year yet! If I can assist you with Maui Real Estate or give you tips on enjoying all Maui has to offer please visit:

A HUI HOU. Gina Duncan, R (B) ABR, e-Pro