Many of my clients are like me. We have pets. I personally have an old Border Collie (17yrs) named April and a 6 year old rabbit named Pepper. They both know how to ask to be let in and out of the house which in the case of the rabbit is a little annoying as he does this for fun and not for use of the “potty box”.

ANY WAY— For you pet lovers out there Hawaii does allow with proper health ck pets like rabbits to come directly with you to Hawaii. If your pet is of the cat/dog variety it will have to go through a series of steps including mirco chipping, shots, health ck, etc. which MUST and I’m stressing the MUST be in the appropriate order/time frames in order to avoid Quarantine.

Hawaii is a rabies free state and used to have a mandatory 3 month quarantine for dogs and cats coming to the islands. Now if you prepare on the mainland you can have your pet come to Hawaii quarantine free (5 day or less program) in most cases.

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Aloha, Gina