We encourage our clients to conduct their own due diligence so that they are satisfied with their choice of provider.

1031 Exchange

Tiffany Davies
Investment Properties Exchange Co. (FNF)
Direct: 808-387-4140


Kathy Mannoia
VIP Tax Accounting
Direct: 808-879-6964

Deborah Daniells
Deborah Daniells & Associates
Direct: 808-986-0737

Tom Chou
Rainbow Tax
Direct: 808-986-8998


AllTemp Inc
Direct: 808-871-6723

Done-Right Air Conditioning
Direct: 808-871-0999

Sturdevant Refrigeration
Direct: 808-871-6404

Windward Air Conditioning
Direct: 808-242-1144

Vent Pros Hawaii
Direct: 808-873-8368

Appliance Repair

Yasania’s Appliance Repair
Direct: 808-868-2332

South Maui Appliance
Direct: 808-879-7820

Appliance Service Company Maui
Direct: 808-871-8778


Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor Engineering
Direct: 808-572-2688

Joel Corpuz
J C Structural Engineering
Direct: 808-244-5175

Stacey Otomo
Otomo Engineering
Direct: 808-242-0032


Cades Shutte – International Clients
Direct: 808-521-9251

The Ing Law Firm
Direct: 808-242-4555

Peter Horovitz
Merchant Horovitz
Direct: 808-242-5755

Cain & Herren
Direct: 808-242-9350

Alfredo Evangelista
Law Offices of Alfredo Evangelista
Direct: 808-242-8100


AC/DC Systems
Direct: 808-870-3943

Control Freaks Hawaii
Direct: 808-874-8019

Building Supply

Hawaii Building Supply
Direct: 951-409-1061

Honsador Lumber


Badua’s Catering
Direct: 808-250-1925

Rob & Tina Digman
Food for the Soul
Direct: 808-283-0715

Devin & Cristina Pagaduan
Pastele House Maui
Direct: 808-283-9817

Ann-Marie Burtell
Maui Fresh Chef
Direct: 808-283-3989


Structural Concrete Bonding
Direct: 808-871-0772

Sonny Vick’s Paving Inc.
Direct: 808-877-7110

Ryko Concrete & Masonry
Direct: 808-573-8530


Darren Wilfley
Platinum Electric
Direct: 808-280-4741

Jason Chai
American Electric Company
Direct: 808-986-0818

Trident Electric
Direct: 808-572-4163

Lighting Electric
Direct: 808-214-5454

RZ Electric
Direct: 808-876-1389

Du-Watts Electric

Escrow & Title Companies

Deni Kawauchi
Old Republic Title – Wailea
Direct: 808-875-9110

Wendy Gomes
Fidelity National Title – Pukalani
Direct: 808-573-0110

Tori LaPolla
Fidelity National Title – Wailea
Direct: 808-891-2404

Noreen Koki
Fidelity National Title – Kahului
Direct: 808-893-0556

First Hawaii Title
Direct: 808-725-6631

First American Title – Kihei
Direct: 808-879-5706


Walk on Wood
Direct: 808-269-0352

General Contractors

Polynesian Pole and Custom Homes
Direct: 808-242-8087

Gabe Krueger
Island Independence
Direct: 808-250-2527

Kenny Brittain Jr.
Brittain Construction LLC
Direct: 808-269-8295

Buddy L & Sons Construction
Direct: 808-874-9060

Chris Takitani
Takitani Construction
Direct: 808-244-3910

Wildco Construction
Direct: 808-283-2371

Lenny Gomes
Lengo Construction
Direct: 808-344-5111

RA Construction
Direct: 808-244-3049

Home Inspectors

Hawaii Inspection Group
Direct: 808-879-6000

Mark Damon
Alii Home Inspection
Direct: 808-280-6652

Nathan Liles
All Valley Home Inspections
Direct: 808-866-8367

Home Staging

Jeanne & Michelle
Maui Staging and Interiors
Direct: 808-298-3327

Molly Smith
Molly Smith Designs
Direct: 253-229-3507

Insurance Companies

Pyramid Insurance Centre
Direct: 808-242-4789

Culley Insurance Group
Direct: 808-419-7099

Interior Designers

Swan Interiors
Direct: 808-879-3316


He Man
Direct: 808-669-8086


Wailea Trees and Landscape
Direct: 808-215-1103

Larry Perreira
Maui Landscaping
Direct: 808-757-0131


Alan Van Zee
Hawaii Mortgage Company
Direct: 808-988-6622

Homestreet Bank
Direct: 808-872-1150

Michelle Pelleteri
Bank of Hawaii
Direct: 808-264-7984

Mercy Lebag
Evergreen Home Loans
Direct: 808-873-3480

Kellie Pali-Cruz
Creative Financial
Direct: 808-891-9292

Al Alfonso
Mann Mortgage
Direct: 808-872-4943

Gary Rosenberg
Ohana First Mortgage
Direct: 808-264-3715

Karen Siangco
First Hawaiian Bank
Direct: 888-844-4444

Nancy Bayron
Sapphire Mortgage
Direct: 808-242-8110

Debra DeVaris
Castle and Cooke Mortgage
Direct: 808-344-6680

Carolann Guy
Elite Lending
Direct: 808-871-8898

Rebecca Ross
Elite Lending
Direct: 808-891-2005

Keenan Ito
Finance Factors
Direct: 808-873-7234

Brady Spangler
Axia Home Loans
Direct: 808-264-3798

Faith Armanini
Homebridge Financial Services
Direct: 808-276-8802

Fran Mitsumura
First Hawaiian Mortgage
Direct: 808-661-8886

George Thoma
Island Lending Hawaii
Direct: 808-357-9791


Royal Hawaiian Movers
Direct: 808-873-0777

Island Movers
Direct: 808-871-4255

Ship to Hawaii
Direct: 866-226-6454


Pacific Painting & Refinishing
Direct: 808-357-7811

Elegant Painting
Direct: 808-870-7992

Pest/Termite Inspectors

Bug Man Termite & Pest Control
Direct: 808-871-1283

Bowman Termite & Pest Management
Direct: 808-244-0296

Dick’s Fumigation Services
Direct: 808-244-7496


South Pacific Plumbing
Direct: 808-870-0190

Allen’s Plumbing
Direct: 808-877-6370

Valley Isle Pumping
Direct: 808-242-5692

Property Managers

Hawaii Real Estate Executives
Direct: 808-298-1973


Premier Restoration Hawaii
Direct: 808-518-2225

MD Restoration Maui
Direct: 808-877-8989


Akamai Land Surveying
Direct: 808-876-0177

Valley Isle Surveyors
Direct: 808-874-8066

Tile/Granite and Stucco and Plaster

Jurassic Stoneworks
Direct: 808-873-7742

Hilltop Contractors LLC
Direct: 808-633-8109

Tree Trimming

Dan Kolp
Pure Life Palm Trimmers
Direct: 808-866-8551

Branch-Out Tree Service
Direct: 808-572-1636


Longshore Enterprises
Direct: 808-333-3683

Pono Window Cleaning
Direct: 808-238-7297

Paradise Screens
Direct: 808-868-3400