In our business the Fine Island Properties Team handles short sale listings as well as assisting buyers who wish to purchase REO (Foreclosures).

We receive calls from Sellers that are having financial trouble and wonder what to do. I always advise to first seek your tax advisor and a foreclosure/bankruptcy attorney’s advice.

We also advise NOT TO WAIT.
Waiting and doing nothing severely hinders your options when it is time to decide which direction you would like to proceed.

Don’t even wait till you have missed payments. Consult us regarding short sales, and keeping your home by contacting your lender. Their are many FREE options for homeowners.

We also advise to not pay anyone for services to save your home unless you consult your attorney first. Most homeowners can communicate directly with their lender FREE.

Please call us today if you think you may be heading into trouble. We will arrange a CONFIDENTIAL meeting to discuss how the Fine Island Properties Team might assist you with kind and compassionate service.