Aloha to all you sports lovers out there. My husband Doug says Hawaii was made for the “boys”.

In addition to time honored activities of sunbathing, surfing, snorkeling and diving Hawaii is very famous for Fishing and Hunting.

According to a recent article in Pacific Business News Hawaiian Hunters and Anglers spend more than $154 Million Dollars per year on the two sports.
The sports support over 2500 jobs here and create over $71 million in paid wages.
Hawaiian Anglers and Hunters generate $14 million in state and local taxes too.
That is definately big business, but it is also big fun.

If you Google Hawaiian Hunting and/or Hawaiian Fishing you will find great information about the different acitvities available and what island is best for certain types of fishing or hunting.

Would love to receive emails from any hunters/fishermen out there showing your catch of the day. If I can assist any Hunters or Anglers with Maui Real Estate please don’t hesitate to email me at or call 808-250-9858.

Aloha, Gina Duncan, R (B)