According to a Nov 5th article in Pacific Business News Hawaii is ranked 3rd in the country by a national health study. Vermont and Minnesota were first and second. Hawaii was noted for having more people covered for health insurance and was ranked one of the lowest states for preventable hospitalizations, cardiovascular & cancer deaths.

According to the article Hawaii is up from 4th place last year. The report covers areas of disease, infant mortality, high school graduates and more to determine an overall picture of health for a state. It takes into consideration environment and the work place too.

Some of the best gains are in poverty area for children which decreased from 20.7% in 1990 to 10.5% in 2007. Hawaii has a lower than average death rate from cancer and cardiovascular disease than the national average, and we have an uninsured population of 8.8% compared to the national average of 15.8%.

These statistics bear out what many of us who live in Hawaii have already found. The climate, the less stressful atmosphere (due to the aloha spirit) and the multitude of activities that are available along with the fresh fruits and vegetables combine to make this a happy and healthy place to be.

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Gina Duncan