In the latest Realtor magazine there was an article called “Small Projects, Big Bang” by G.M. Filisko. They mentioned the Cost vs. Value report that is done yearly. If you would like a copy please email us at

They also listed 10 Big Impact, Low Cost projects and in these tough economic times it was a timely article and I use this information when listing properties myself. I would like to share a couple of their tips with some tips of my own.

Staging was all the rage and then when the market dropped and sellers were counting every penny it was a very needed service that unfortunately fell by the wayside. You can work with your Realtor to get staging ideas if you can’t afford a professional stager. We see many homes and know what the buyers are looking for. This information if followed translates into $$$ for the Seller.

1. Tidy Cabinets. Along with their suggestion of tiding kitchen cabinets it is wise to take apart your linen closet and fold nicely your things and de-clutter to show there is even more space available. The same goes with your clothes closets. Don’t under estimate what is behind your doors.

2. Replace Light Fixtures and Faucets. This is a relatively inexpensive way to bring an outdated room up to modern standards that today’s buyer wants and expects. New faucets replacing older pitted or outdated looking ones is another great tip.

3. Garage. In addition to their wonderful suggestion of installing a touch entry pad for roughly $425 it is important to make your garage spacious and neat and tidy in addition to the rest of the home.

4. Last but not least: Landscaping. Don’t ignore a tired lawn. Cut and Hard edge your lawn. Fertilize your lawn & your plants, pull those weeds and add a couple potted plants with some sophisticated plantings by the front door.

A little can still go a long way and add $$$ to your pocket when selling your home.