Statistics can be a tricky thing even on a small island like Maui.
we have many areas and from area to area the statistics may vary.

Maui neighborhoods can vary in value street to street. There are many factors that determine value and one that everyone should consider is the past history of the area. Statistics matter because they give you a window into the history and will help you make a wiser purchase decision for the future. It will also show buyers and sellers where the trends are headed and that will assist them in making realistic pricing decisions.

Under reports on the website we post the most up to date statistics by area to give you a better
sense of the market. If you are considering a certain price point or neighborhood I would be happy to create a custom statistical analysis of that criteria. I look forward to showing you how statistics matter and can give you the bigger picture of Maui Real Estate. See September 2014 attached.

September Maui Statistics 2014


Gina Duncan