Melissa Nakagawa, REALTOR® S

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“Lucky we live Hawaii” is a common phrase used around here, and it is so true. We have some of the best weather and vistas on the planet. From warm white sandy beaches and lush green rainforests, to the cool upcountry bi-coastal views, Maui has an area and way of life that will fit anyone’s idea of paradise.

Being born and raised on Maui, I have deep and intricate knowledge of this island and its homes. I’ve had the privilege of guiding clients to reach their real estate goals. From pre-qualification to closing the Fine Island Properties team will be by your side. My promise to you is, superior professional service, wide open lines of communication, and tough negotiation skills.

When I’m not working on Real Estate, I enjoy gardening, cooking and dancing with my Tava Nui Ohana. I have a love and appreciation for performance arts of all types, but especially for live music. I also have 4 dogs and 24 free range laying hens that keep me on my toes.

Let our team be the key in guiding you on your path to property ownership in one of the best places to live in the world. We look forward to hearing from you soon.