Buying Oceanfront Property on Maui

Maui offers some of the most beautiful coastline and views in the world. When it comes to purchasing property on Maui, Oceanfront can present some unique challenges that every buyer should be aware of.

Questions you and your agent should ask include:

1. What is the elevation for the property above sea level? Any past known flooding problems?
2. Would the lot allow for the home to be moved back if coastal erosion occurred?
3. What if any attempts to control erosion have been made in the past and were they successful?
4. Does the property have a permitted seawall? Is it in good condition as laws changed in 2006 for rebuilding.
5. Does the owner have a State Certified Shoreline Survey that is recent (within the past 12 months)?
6. What effects have the salt air/wind had on the home itself?
7. Are there any security issues you should be aware of? Maui beaches belong to all the public and are not private.

If you are looking to purchase oceanfront property look no further than the Fine Island Properties Team. We will assist you with the extra due diligence described above and more that Ocean properties require.

Aloha, Gina