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As a Realtor I not only get questions about Maui Real Estate but also the island, things to do, places to see, etc. I find a really good resource for many of these questions is and
Some of the most requently asked are below and on my website under the ABOUT MAUI tab. We offer tips on where to go, what to see and places to dine too. Maui is a lifestyle so Enjoy!

What is the average temperature on Maui?
80 degrees with the rainy season occurring from December through March.

How large is the Island?
2000 Square Miles

What is the population on Maui?
Approximately 145,000+ year round residents. Our population soars much higher with our visitors.

When are the best months to see the whales?
January through April with February and March being best for whale watching.

Are there active volcanoes on Maui?
No, Haleakala is dormant and last errupted in 1790.
We do however experience earthquake tremors every now and then.

What are the best beaches to go to?
Depending if you are looking for snorkeling, or surfing Maui offers many different types of beaches. See our Beach guide under the About Maui tab to to learn more about Maui’s world class beaches. One of my favorite more rustic beaches is Baldwin Beach.

What clothes should I bring?
Maui is a casual island with summer casual daytime wear down to T-Shirts/shorts and “slippers” our word for flip flops or sandals. So for Maui lifestyle a
dinner can be a dress up affair and we suggest you bring a sweater as the temperature that is high during the day drops down at night and combined with the ocean breeze can make you feel a chill.
There are many shops so don’t bring all your attire with you. You will want to pick up a piece or two at one of our great shopping centers like the Shops at Wailea, Whalers Village in Kaanapali or our own “mall” Kaahumanu Center in Kahului.

I’m not certified. Can I go Diving?
There are numerous dive shops on Maui that specialize in introductory dives. Maui Sun Divers, Maui Dive Shop, Scuba Shack, Ed Robinson Dive Tours and others that have been around a long time and can get you in the water with their introductory courses while you are here.

What is the best Mask I can buy for snorkeling and diving?
The one that fits your face best! Also we recommend to use an advanced snorkel. Nothing ruins the experience like a cheap snorkel.

What if I’m scared to go far out to snorkel or not a good swimmer?
We always recommend to swim in groups. Never go alone into the ocean. Use a boogie board or other flotation device so you can learn to breath and not worry about the rest. You will really enjoy yourself. Ulua beach in Wailea is one of our favorite South beach spots, while Black Rock in front of the Sheraton in Kaanapali is one of our favorite spots on the West side.

Where is the best place to see the fish & turtles?
Fish can be found near the rocky outcrops mostly, but be careful to not be washed up on the rocks, and whatever you do: DO NOT STAND ON THE CORAL. Coral is a living animal that took years to be created. One step can destroy years of Mother Nature’s beautiful work. Turtles are protected in Hawaii and you should remember to keep your distance to enjoy these elegant creatures.
The Makena landing beach is a great spot to find turtles.

What are the best boat tours?
The best tours we have found are the Four Winds, The Trilogy, Pacific Whale Foundation and the ones from Maui Dive Shop. The best time to do a whale watch or snorkel tour is in the morning prior to our noontime windline coming up.

What are the best restaurants?
Please see our Dining Guide under the Plan your Maui Vacation tab. Personal tips can be found by our favorite spots to dine. I recently had dinner at Fleetwoods and really liked the atmosphere, especially the roof top deck.

What are the best activities to do on Maui?
Find a Hawaiian Event not just a luau to attend while you are here. Many are listed under Plan Your Maui Vacation Maui Visitor Tab.
Go to Hana but leave your hotel at 530am to REALLY enjoy the long and beautiful drive. This will give you time when you reach Hana to go on that hike to the 400ft waterfall, soak up the black sand beaches of Wainapanapa State Park, see the Pools at Oheo or Hamoa Beach and don’t forget to visit quaint Hana town itself.
Visit Upcountry Maui by going to the Ulupalakua Winery and Ranch store on your way down from Haleakala. It is like seeing the seventh wonder of the world no matter what time of day you go. Visit our underwater worlds by snorkeling and diving. Half of Hawaii’s beauty is under the sea and if you are here during Whale Season be sure and take a boat tour to do some Whale Watching. The best tip is to attend any “Local” event whether it be hula, craft show, etc. You will come away with the “real” Hawaiian Aloha Spirit and the real Maui lifestyle. Check out Maui Real Estate with one of our team members while you are here and see if we can help make your dreams of living the Maui lifestyle come true.

Can I bring my Pets to Maui on Vacation or what are the rules to bring them if I am moving here?
See our Animal Quarantine tab under About Maui/Government Links for further information.

Where can I learn more and search for Maui Real Estate?
Ok that one I threw in…
of course.
Aloha & A Hui Hou (see you again) Gina