The Road to Hana

Why take the Trip?


On the East side of Maui, is a town named Hana. Hana is isolated from the rest of the island, and is one of the last areas of the island to be touched by the modernizing finger of humanity. On your journey to Hana, you will have the chances to experience breathtaking waterfalls, lush rainforests, and some of the best beaches the Island has to offer.

In general, the North and Northeastern side of Haleakala has a higher concentration of waterfalls due to the Northeastern winds bringing moisture to Haleakala’s high altitude. If you are interested in some waterfall scenery, Waikani Falls is a great place to visit. It is located just about a half mile past mile marker 19, making it one of the earlier waterfalls in the adventure. Of course, you can’t miss Oheo (“something special”) Gulch, better known as Seven Sacred Pools. This is probably the most popular stop on the way to Hana due to its easy access, and the fact that it offers beautiful scenery while you swim in its clean and cool waters.

If the rainforest is your calling, then the road to Hana is the one for you. It frequently winds in and out of lush rain forest scenery. If you want, you can stop and take a few pictures with the rainforest right at your fingertips. In addition, you can also go for a hike in some of the trails along the way to Hana. Some of the popular hiking spots are Pipiwai (“Sprinkling Water”) Trail & Waimoku (“cut waters”) Falls, a hike to Twin Falls, and the Bamboo Forest.

And last but not least, you can’t forget about the beach. Although Maui is home to world famous beaches like Makena Beach State Park and Kaanapali Beach, the East side contains some beaches you just have to see to believe. First off, there’s Wai‘anapanapa State Park. It means “glistening water” in Hawaiian, and it does not disappoint. In addition, it has black sand due to its high concentration of lava rock. Lastly, there’s Koki Beach; where it has a dark red sand made from a nearby cinder cone called Ka Iwi O Pele, meaning “the bones of Pele”.

However, if driving isn’t your cup of tea, you can take a tour instead. Clicking here will take you on the road while being able to have a higher view point from the lifted coach. You’ll be able to keep dry while getting the best possible view of all the waterfalls, flora, and fauna without having to leave the safety of your seat. Also, if you like a little thrill with your exploration, you can click here for more information about a helicopter tour of Hana.

Have fun, and stay safe while you explore Maui. Make sure to take a look at some of our newest listings here on the blog.