Just like the Bob Dylan song the Real Estate Times are a Changin in many ways. It is starting to ADD UP to be a great time to buy.

1. Tighter Lending Guidelines, Longer time to be approved, but the good news is its a GREAT TIME TO BUY: Yes especially for First Time Buyers because not only are there great rates, home prices, but there is FHA(3.5% down), USDA (100% financing) and an 8k Tax Credit from the US.

2. Sellers still are a little in denial about the economy and are a little above correct pricing for the most part in my opinion for Maui. I think we will see pricing especially in the mid range and high ranges coming down a bit more. Remember timing the market is like dropping a rubber ball. When you see it hit bottom it is already back on the way up.

3. Buyers who think they will get a “steal” might be in for a surprise. When a home is priced right there are many chances that you will be competing w/other savvy buyers and some homes are selling for over asking price.

4. REO and Short Sales can be a nightmare. In some cases, but use an “experienced” agent who knows what to ask for up front and the deal may go smoother than the horror stories you are hearing about.
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