Just wanted to update our Real Estate clients who are operating or are thinking of purchasing a Maui home for vacation rental either in addition to it being a primary residence or not being their primary residence.

Since July 3, 2007 when Maui County Planning Dept. Director Jeff Hunt started to enforce vacation rental owners operating without permits a lot of meetings and for and against enforcement articles have been in local news.

Owners are only allowed to honor their guests booked till the end of this year. Owners have also received notices requiring them to discontinue business or face high daily fine rates.

Most owners speaking out say that they were told since the County’s process was taking years to grant a permit, and the county encouraged them not to worry about permits, they only worried about paying taxes for their vacation rentals.

The County side seems to be that the two previous administrations were wrong in not taking enforcement seriously and it spurned a growth in non permitted vacation rentals on Maui, with some not paying their share of taxes.

There doesn’t seem to be a happy ending for this issue on Maui and it seems that any resolution will take some time. This is very important for anyone purchasing property on Maui and thinking that they will supplement their mortgage by doing vacation rentals. There are very few that are operating now with permits and it is important for buyers to take note.

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